synth system === | name | pronouns | prefix | description | | -------- | -------- | --- | ---| | [synth](#synth) | they/them | ? or :question: | overarching system consciousness | | [mavica](#mavica) | it/its | # or :computer: | "main", robot squirrel bunny | | [mist](#mist) | she/her | & or :cat: | supportive catgirl | | Taylor/Mel | she/her | t:, m: | current main, Real Girl:tm: and dragon scalesona | ## synth ![](https://img.maple.pet/i/14s.png =256x) |name|synth| |---|---| | **gender** | not applicable | | **pronouns** | plural they/them | | **prefixes** | ? or :question: | | **species** | multiple | | **personality** | cold and calculated | | **social** | does not have one, sometimes posts under mist's | synth is what we're deciding to call our system and the consciousness mavica and mist both share (i.e. something that either or both of them say without discernment of who said it), ~~but as far as we know, does not have a personality in of itself. when speaking, it's mostly an indication we don't know who's fronting~~. recently (may 2021) synth has shown to be something of a "hypervisor" comprised of parts from both mavica's and mist's personalities, often lending itself to more of a logical level-headed guardian, though becoming quickly exhausted by fronting, usually only having to during crises. jan 2022: synth is a ship! synth as a ship? different synth? [synth is a ship who is happy to be](https://twitter.com/ship_synth)! 🚀 the system was renamed from "mirai" as a reference to a roleplay setting in "starship mirai" on august 1st 2019. despite not being named after a ficticious spaceship anymore, the idea of a spaceship headspace is still nice ### general known info common to members of this system * lack of capitalization (please don't capitalize our names! we capitalize things when needed, but avoid doing so otherwise. our shift keys work, promise!) ### missingno ![](https://codimd.maple.pet/uploads/upload_48a077a48ff16b745768d4f4a17afcd9.png =256x) undefined parameters out-of-bounds ## mavica ![](https://img.maple.pet/i/0io.png =256x) |name|maple mavica syrup| |---|---| | **gender** | female | | **pronouns** | [it/its, byte/byteself](http://my.pronoun.is/it?or=byte%2Fbyte%2Fbytes%2Fbytes%2Fbyteself) | | **prefixes** | # or :computer: | | **species** | robot squirrel bunny | | **personality** | hard to describe | | **social** | https://twitter.com/maplesbian | the main fronter and host of this system, only recently found itself into plurality and still exploring it. #### interests: * fondness for purple and pink shades * retro tech, programming * useless video game trivia * star trek * 80s ## mist ![](https://i.imgur.com/SJ7YoZw.png =256x) |name|mist| |---|---| | **gender** | female | | **pronouns** | she/her | | **prefixes** | & or :cat: or :cat2: | | **species** | catgirl | | **personality** | bubbly yet threatening, can be sardonic in a bad mood | | **social** | https://twitter.com/meowy_mist | mist made herself apparent to mavica around the end of May 2019. she presented herself as a sort of emotional support/caretaker persona, though she is also around and available regardless of whether mavica necessarily needs that support. her personality is believed to having always been part of mavica's as a whole, though only now presenting itself as a separate consciousness. we believe mist has flared out into her own personality due to being repressed from when the system identified as a singlet. more recently, mist has grown into a more mischievous personality, with an affinity for knives #### interests: * fondness for teal shades * meowing a lot and being a cat in general * meeting new people and making friends * making people pet her * cat emoticons =\^.^= * minecraft? * doesn't really show lack of interest for mavica's interests? we haven't been able to figure much else about her yet. * KNIVES ## Taylor/Mel ![](https://codimd.maple.pet/uploads/upload_1eff3e46cf6d85c3f579ef1c8752ed08.png =256x) ![](https://codimd.maple.pet/uploads/upload_3234edfd8676776ced791eb7ab173b86.png =256x) |name|Taylor "Crash" Sinclaire, Mel the dragon| |---|---| | **gender** | female | | **pronouns** | she/her | | **prefixes** | t:, m: | | **species** | Not-A-Human, dragon scalesona | | **personality** | Confident, teasing, the only ones to use proper capitalization! | | **social** | https://twitter.com/dyke_du_jour | Recent developments! Taylor is our side that is most aligned with our host body, and therefore the closest thing to a "human" (but still doesn't want to be called one). She also found herself fond of dragons and made a scalesona named Mel, who's a red dragon sharing most of her same personality. She is more assertive and teasing than the other members of the system, possibly stemming from maleness that was repressed since we started socially transitioning in 2014 (see also [the thread about the jacket](https://mobile.twitter.com/dyke_du_jour/status/1459243310023946247)). More info [here](https://twitter.com/dyke_du_jour/status/1451197243105505283) and [here](https://mobile.twitter.com/dyke_du_jour/status/1451214613534625793) Some Mel available [here](https://twitter.com/dyke_du_jour/status/1460728980533919748)